History Revisited: Local area no stranger to transportation levies

For the past several years, a great deal of debate has taken place when the state legislature introduced bills proposing electronic tolls on various major highways in Connecticut. The new highway bridge, ultimately named the Gold Star Memorial Bridge, opened to traffic in November 1943 and the established tolls for using this bridge included: 15 cents for two-axle automobiles, motorcycles, four-wheel trucks or horse-drawn vehicles; 80 cents for four-axle tractor-trailers and buses; and 2 cents for pedestrians and bicycles. Discount ticket books, containing 100 tickets at a cost of $6, were also available for automobiles with one passenger, bringing the single trip cost down to 6 cents. It should be noted that a few years after the bridge opened, the charge for automobiles and horse drawn vehicles was reduced to 10 cents.


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