Ledyard orders DRVN Enterprises to remove salt from site within watershed

The town of Ledyard has ordered DRVN Enterprises to remove road salt that the company was storing in a building at 20 Lorenz Industrial Parkway, a site within 900 feet of the Ledyard Reservoir, Ledyard Mayor Fred Allyn III said. Allyn said DRVN Enterprises President Steve Farrelly was very understanding and mobilized trucks to move the salt. As of Tuesday morning, most of it had been removed. Groton City Mayor and Groton Utilities Commission Chairman Keith Hedrick said the utility has been investigating and engaged the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and Department of Public Health for their help accessing the property, which the property owner so far had denied. He said Groton Utilities was working closely with Ledyard. He said the concern was that salt could leech from the site into the water supply and negatively impact the environment.


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