Prevailing Wage

The prevailing wage is the minimum hourly wage for a certain classification of labor performed on public construction projects.  The Department of Labor and Workforce Development issues the rates of each project and determines which rate applies to which classification.

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To ensure that workers are receiving the prevailing wage and proper benefits, the Foundation reviews public works construction projects for compliance.  In the event that a project is out of compliance, the Foundation will assist a worker with filing a complaint with the CT Department of Labor to receive back wages or other payments.

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The Foundation is committed to public policy that supports responsible contracting in the public construction industry.  Issues of importance include the prevailing wage, bid transparency and the elimination of bid shopping.

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State Aid Should Require Prevailing Wage – Hartford Courant Article – Written by Cindy Dubuque


The article “Liquor Importer To Bring 100 Jobs To Stamford” [Dec. 24, Business] reported that the state will provide a $5 million loan to the Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits company, which can be converted into a grant if the family keeps an average of 115 employees for two years. This money reportedly will be used to pay for renovations.
What went unnoted is the construction jobs created by this renovation project do not have to meet prevailing wage requirements. This means that the construction can be done for lower wages, which attracts out-of-state workers and low-skilled labor. In addition, there are no reporting requirements, so taxpayers will not know who works on the job.
We need to stop the practice of giving taxpayer dollars to bring in companies that do not invest in Connecticut construction workers. All state-funded projects, whether public or private, should be prevailing wage. If the state is interested in economic development and job creation, it should require companies who are using taxpayer dollars to pay the prevailing wage, which will increase competitive bidding and put more state workers on the job.
If a business is going to use our money, then they should play by our rules.


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