FFC’s Mission:

The Foundation for Fair Contracting of Connecticut is an industry-sponsored organization. Our mission is to promote compliance with laws and regulations relating to public works construction. This includes providing assistance to public agencies, contractors and construction workers. We focus on proper payment of prevailing wage rates, proper classification of workers, licensing, and properly administered state apprenticeship standards. Founded in 1994, the FFC has been helping workers on public construction jobs to get the wages that are rightfully theirs by law.

What We Do For:


  • Provide information about workers’ rights under the federal Davis-Bacon Act and the state of Connecticut’s Prevailing Wage Law (aka mini Davis-Bacon Act);
  • Assist with wage recovery by obtaining contracting and payroll documentation; and
  • Provide guidance in filing complaints for loss of wages with our federal and state enforcement agencies.

Public Agencies

  • Assist contracting agencies in identifying non-responsive or unscrupulous companies;
  • Help contracting agencies define “lowest, responsible bidder”; and,
  • Provide enforcement agencies with thorough and credible information regarding potential wage violations.