Westport’s $4.5M sewer line project could alleviate flooding

The Board of Finance recently approved a $4.5 million two-part project to address the flooding. The first part costs $3.1 million for sewer lines will add sewer lines to 124 homes along Evergreen Avenue, Evergreen Parkway, Tamarac Road, Lone Pine Lane, Gorham Avenue, Compo Road North and Brookside Drive. Ratkiewich said while the town will initially appropriate the money, Westport will recoup the funding from property owners once the work is done. Ratkiewich said the preliminary benefit assessment for the 37-home project is approximately $36,000 per property with the 124-home project around $39,000 per property. “This project is going through some of the most variable soils, soil conditions, that we have in town,” Ratkiewich said. “Ledgemoor Lane, just from the name, there’s a lot of ledge. Whitney Street is one of the wettest soil types in the whole area. We run the full gamut here.” Both projects are expected to be completed by end of the year.


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