‘We need an economic boom:’ downtown Bridgeport pins hopes on amphitheater

Over the next few months, the roof for developer Howard Saffan’s open-air concert amphitheater near the harbor will be completed, with the steel frame going up now and what he has touted as the project’s most distinctive feature — a massive, tent-style fabric covering manufactured in France and Mexico — being installed in “the first quarter of 2021.” But with COVID-19 raging across the United States and Connecticut’s infection rates climbing, the big question is when and how many of the new venue’s 6,000 seats will eventually be filled, and what, exactly, will those customers be coming out to see? Bridgeport City Council President Aidee Nieves, who had lobbied her colleagues to support Saffan’s $4.5 million request, said this week that the amphitheater in some fashion needs to open up next year for the sake of Bridgeport’s economy.


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