$14M Dillon Stadium renovation was marred by ‘charade of an RFP’ that ‘undermines public confidence,’ says watchdogs’ draft report

The contracting panel unveiled a draft of new report that criticizes the project on issues including unequal treatment of bidders and spending $4 million in state taxpayer money long before a contract was finally signed for work that was already underway. “The way this RFP (”request for proposals” from prospective stadium developers) was conducted, in my opinion, undermines public confidence in the integrity of an RFP process,” board Chairman Lawrence Fox said during the virtual meeting conducted by phone and streaming video. “That is not good for this state. And I do think public funds were put at risk without having contracts.” Once a final report is approved, Fox said “my intention … is that we … bring this to the governor’s office and the legislature to talk about what changes in the statutes should be made to have a more robust and fair procurement process.” The Dillon project’s problems have brought a renewed focus on the unusual autonomy and powers granted to so-called quasi-public agencies such as the CRDA, which don’t have to abide by the same restrictions as typical executive branch state agencies.


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