Waterford moves forward with demolishing abandoned marina

On Tuesday, the Board of Selectmen approved a bid from Mohawk Northeast, a construction company, to conduct the dock removals. The project represents a partnership between the state, the town and the Navy. The Navy has long wanted the remnants of the abandoned marina just past the train tracks to go because it’s across from the piers where submarines dock at the base. The state gave Waterford $525,000 in 2018 to cover the costs of the project and the back taxes that were owed on the property by the previous owners. After going out to bid to handle the project, the town found out that state money wasn’t going to be enough for the prices contractors were offering. “I think in comparison to most public sector-private sector interactions, this moved pretty quickly,” Ross said. “The town of Waterford and former First Selectman Dan Steward deserve a lot of credit for recognizing how important this was and then moving it efficiently through their municipal government and process.”


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