Carrier Construction plans for commercial, residential development of large section of Centre Square

The city’s Economic and Community Development Commission reviewed Carrier’s letter of intent earlier in the month, planning to send them on to the council for action. The letter said Carrier intended to buy Parcels 6, 7, and 8 – a total of 3.44 acres – for $172,000. That means Carrier would acquire the entire remaining vacant land in Centre Square, from the northerly portion where McDonald’s is all the way down to Hope Street, then over to where the Public Works Department recently constructed a public parking lot by the railroad tracks, she said. Zoppo-Sassu said Carrier does “incredible work,” citing the townhouses the company is currently building on Main Street across from the Bristol Public Library. Combine that with the planned cleanup and residential renovation at the Sessions Building on Riverside Avenue, “and all of a sudden you have a downtown that’s filled with people that both are working here and living here. That’s something that we have been striving for, so it’s great to see it happen,” she said.

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