Plainville to commission study to evaluate White Oak proposals

The Town of Plainville will hire Loureiro Engineering to evaluate both proposals for the White Oak property and plans to present their findings to the town council. There are currently two proposals for re-use of the property. D’Amato Construction Company, which is currently located in Bristol, is looking to relocate to Plainville if the town approves of their proposal for the property. The other proposal, by Manafort Brothers, Inc., Newport Realty and TWM Development LLC. would see the construction of 155 apartments on the second floor as well as some commercial space on the first floor. “They will look at the environmental impact, the potential impact to surrounding businesses downtown and the potential demand for town services,” said Lee. “They will also look at how much revenue each proposal would generate and the employment estimates during and post construction. We’ll also have them look at the traffic impact.” Lee also plans to present the information from the study to the Planning and Zoning Commission, the town’s Economic Development Agency, members of the Plainville Chamber of Commerce and downtown businesses to seek their input.

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