Orange Intersection Ready; Temple Bridge Next

City Plan Senior Project Planner Donna Hall gave those updates Wednesday morning during the latest regular monthly meeting of the city Development Commission. The virtual meeting took place online via Zoom. Hall’s presentation focused on the latest with Downtown Crossing. That’s the $50 million-plus, state and federally funded overhaul of the Rt. 34 mini-highway-to-nowhere that city officials have been working on for nearly a decade. The multi-phase project’s goals have included undoing the neighborhood-demolishing sins of mid-20th Century Urban Renewal; restitching downtown, the Hill and the medical district; and promoting the development of lab and office space, particularly for New Haven’s burgeoning biotech sector. The city has been working on Phase 2 since at least 2017. Construction began in the early summer of 2019. The Elicker Administration hosted a celebratory press conference about the then-in-construction new Orange Street intersection in September 2020. And Hall led a walking tour of the still-in-construction intersection for city development commissioners in October 2021.

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