Hartford, Farmington receive added funds from state budget after miscalculations in school construction reimbursement rates by Kosta Diamantis

Farmington will also receive an additional $14.4 million, due to an overall increase in its state reimbursement rate, for the construction of a new $135.6 million high school. According to Connecticut law, the state reimburses school districts between 10% and 80% of the eligible costs of local school construction projects. Reimbursement rates are determined by a formula based on a town’s wealth, calculated based on per capita property ownership and income. An uproar from officials in those municipalities followed and state lawmakers set about to cover the shortfalls through legislation: Hartford will receive the additional $16 million promised by Diamantis, while Farmington saw its entire reimbursement rate increased from 19% to 30%, meaning an additional $14.4 million will go to the town for the project. That means the state will kick in about $40 million, instead of $26 million, to the $135.6 million project.


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