Fired Dunkin’ Donuts Park developer says it has legal right to develop around stadium

Centerplan is asking the court for permission to cite RMS DoNo I LLC – controlled by Randy Salvatore, founder and CEO of RMS Companies – as a defendant. RMS has built 270 apartment units on property next to the stadium that it leases from the city. RMS is also planning to build 550 apartments and a 530-space garage built on a vacant 5-acre lot at 1139 Main St. In the amended complaint, filed Wednesday, Centerplan seeks a declaratory judgment stating that its termination was wrongful and unjustified, and that it retains the right to develop the parcels. Also, Centerplan is seeking a court order prohibiting the city from permitting any further development by RMS or another entity. After Centerplan’s termination, the city issued an RFP for a new developer to build the stadium and to develop four surrounding parcels. It ultimately selected RMS as the developer.

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