A Manhattan investor wants to build an 8-acre warehouse in a Newtown forest. Here’s what we know.

Wharton Industrial’s plans for 112 acres just south of I-84 at Exit 9 call for a warehouse building that would be the size of eight acres, along with 75 truck docks, 50 trailer spaces, and 360 parking spaces. The commission will consider only Wharton’s request to build a driveway over a wetland, and other aspects of the development that relate to the environmentally sensitive site. Wharton will have to go before Newtown’s Planning and Zoning Commission for permission to operate a warehouse and for site plan approval. The problem with the wetland on the western portion of the property that Wharton would cross with a driveway is that it’s no longer functioning the way nature built it, the wetlands consultant said. That will be up to Newtown’s wetlands commission to decide.


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