3 crucial questions about Trump’s $1T infrastructure proposal

Shortly before the presidential election, then-candidate Donald Trump’s team of advisors released a 10-year, $1 trillion infrastructure plan that envisions the private sector pumping billions of dollars of equity into much-needed, user- or fee-based projects like toll roads, utilities or airports in exchange for being able to collect the revenue long-term, all with an 82% tax credit on their investments. The latest American Society of Civil Engineers’ report card graded the U.S. an infrastructures as a “D” and said the country needs to invest at least $3.6 million by 2020 or risk increased costs to U.S. businesses and damage to both gross national product and family disposable income. “We became as prosperous as we are as a nation because our infrastructure was second to none,” Carol Patterson, senior partner of Zetlin & De Chiara, said. There have been some impressive local projects since the Eisenhower interstate system was built, she said, but nothing on a national scale “as bold as the highway system.”



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