‘We got in under the wire’: Litchfield snags federal funds for bridges before program ends

The board awarded the renovation project to Black & Warner Construction Co. in Unionville for about $900,000 for all four bridges. The bridges to be renovated will be on East Litchfield, Wheeler, Sawmill and Duck Pond roads. All are slightly greater than a 20-foot-span. According to Public Works Director & Town Engineer Raz Alexe, the program involves an 80-20 split of funding: 80 percent is covered through federal funds and 20 percent is covered by the Town of Litchfield. Of the $2.5 million the project costs, Litchfield will be responsible for about $500,000. This includes design, construction and construction inspection services for all four bridges. The construction is expected to take about eight months, starting in April 2021 and finishing before next Thanksgiving. Three of the four bridges in the program will have their roads completely shut down during the construction. According to Alexe, only Wheeler Road will remain open and be reduced to one lane to connect with Torrington.


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