Tucked inside omnibus spending package: another $5 million for Coast Guard museum

The bill includes $5 million for the museum, which brings the total support for the project from the federal government over the last four years to $20 million. The Coast Guard Museum Association, the fundraising arm for the project, has set a goal of $30 million in federal support. The museum association, in its 2020 Year in Review, reported nearing the halfway mark to complete the estimated $150 million project — $30 million for museum exhibits and programming, $20 million for the pedestrian bridge and $100 million for construction of the museum. The association reported $73 million in contributions, with fundraising ongoing. The construction of the museum is expected to take place in three phases, starting with waterfront improvements. The museum association is in the permitting phase, with hopes of starting work in the fall of 2021 and opening the museum in 2024.


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