Torrington residents say school project should use local workforce, have Planned Labor Agreement

Residents want to be sure the Torrington School Building Committee is using every advantage it has to hire local workers for the $159 million construction project, which is in the early stages since voters approved it in November 2020. During the Board of Education’s recent building committee meeting, people concerned with using out-of-state contractors and subcontractors for the multifaceted project spoke up, saying they want the committee to establish a Planned Labor Agreement with the contractor. The PLA would require that 25 percent of those hired for the project are local companies and employees. PLAs provide internship opportunities for new workers and provide a level playing field for all those applying for jobs with the companies involved, she said. Joe Toner, president of CT Building Trades, and Kimberly Glassman, president of the Foundation for Fair Contracting, also shared their opinion about hiring local workers and establishing a PLA.

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