State Pier wind project gets public hearing

State environmental officials will conduct a virtual public hearing Tuesday afternoon on a permit application for work at State Pier, the proposed site of an estimated $200 million project that will initially accommodate the offshore wind industry. Tuesday’s public hearing is another step in the process that continues March 30 with an evidentiary hearing. A timeline for a final decision by the commissioner is unclear, but the start of the major work on the project is contingent on this approval. Tuesday’s public hearing begins at 3 p.m. and will include a brief presentation from the Connecticut Port Authority and DEEP staff before the hearing is open for public comment. The application is available online at Updated estimates put the project closer to $200 million, though a final plan has not been finalized. The pier is expected to be used as a staging area with the ability to handle heavy cargo and dock larger vessels being used to transport wind turbine components to proposed offshore wind farms.

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