Republicans attack Lamont climate-change and truck-tax proposals

On a downtown street corner a block from the State Capitol complex, House Minority Leader Vincent Candelora and Senate Minority Leader Kevin Kelly charged that Lamont’s participation in the regional Transportation and Climate Initiative would steadily raise gasoline taxes on working families while providing subsidies for wealthier residents to buy electric cars. Kelly, who represents Stratford, announced a “Stop the Gas Tax/Food Tax” rally that is scheduled for Thursday at the Wheels gas station and convenience store, located at 440 Lordship Boulevard in Stratford. Under the TCI, petroleum wholesalers would pay for emission credits, raising pump prices by 5 cents a gallon in the first year, and not more than 10 cents a gallon by 2032, Lamont has said. The GOP lawmakers warned that it is likely to rise steadily over 10 years. Currently only three states in the region, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, along with the District of Columbia, have joined the TCI. The proposal, which is estimated to bring in about $90 million in new state revenue in 2023, was approved by the legislature’s Environment Committee last month and awaits further action in the General Assembly. The money would be used for transit and transportation improvements.

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