Newtown’s $15M police HQ called a ‘shining commitment to public safety’

The new $15 million police headquarters that opened on Monday was approved by Newtown residents two years before demonstrations broke out in American cities this summer over concerns about bias and brutality in law enforcement. The impetus for the new police headquarters was in early 2015 when newly appointed police Chief James Viadero met Dan Rosenthal, who had just been elected to the Board of Police Commissioners. The two realized they had a common vision for a new facility. Rosenthal went on to be the town’s top elected leader, putting a $15 million police headquarters referendum before residents in 2018, which passed with more than 8,000 votes. The move from 3 Main St. to the new headquarters at 191 S. Main St. is expected to take two weeks for the 45-officer department to complete. The town’s emergency communications center will remain at 3 Main St. until the end of January, when it will be replaced by a newly equipped center in the new headquarters.

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