New London approves $30 million community recreation center

The City Council on Monday unanimously approved funding for the construction of a $30 million community recreation center, an idea talked about for decades. The new 62,000-square-foot facility would be built on 6.8 acres at Fort Trumbull, a site that has illicited some push back from residents who have argued the city is using prime real estate better suited for a tax-paying entity. The estimated $2.1 million in annual operating costs would be funded through membership fees and rental income. Brailsford and Dunlavey, the firm hired by the city to develop the plan, tentatively puts membership costs at $6 per day, $30 per month and $300 per year. The city projects that revenues will exceed operational costs by the fourth year in operation. Those revenues combined with potential funding from corporate sponsors and fundraising efforts would contribute to a capital improvement fund and help defray the project’s debt.

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