New $18k cost study floated to assess possible Killingly community center move

That previous cost break-down led to for bonding $16.1 million to address roof, window and other long-standing issues at the former school, while also paying for modifications to allow a portion of the building to be used for recreation programming. Calorio said to accommodate the public at the school, new security doors would need to be built, office space created, bathrooms added and made handicap compliant and electrical systems upgraded. “Part of this new study will also look at possible grant reimbursements from the state Office of School Construction,” she said. “Those numbers will let us evaluate whether to pursue the grants or decide if the town would cover the costs on its own.” The community center, built in the mid-1900s, has been plagued by infrastructure and system issues for years, problems that have accelerated in the last year. During the summer, some of the facility air and heating elements failed. Late last month, one of the building’s two hot water heaters died.

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