Majority Leader Ritter Clashes with GOP leader Klarides over highway tolls

Republicans have been traveling around the state in a “road show’’ of public forums that have focused on sharp opposition to tolls. “The House Republicans have no counter proposal whatsoever. They’ve done nothing,’’ Ritter told Capitol reporters in stronger-than-usual language. “They just say, ‘No, no, no, no’. I give the Senate Republicans credit. Len did something. Senator Fasano put out a bill – Prioritize Progress. The problem we’ve always had with that is we’re going to get a giant credit card the size of this room. That’s what they’re doing.’’ Ritter added, “We have nothing from House R’s – just silence and screaming. So we’ve got to figure this all out. … If you don’t have a proposal, stop yelling and screaming. I will tell you right now. They’re so wrong – the House Republicans – the screaming, the press conferences, the road show.’’

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