Lamont comes to New London to tout economic development

Pennsylvania-based A.R. Building Co., which developed the complex at the corner of Bank and Howard streets, is investing more than $150 million on housing developments in the area — three in New London and another in Groton. Passero, crediting Lamont for continued support during the pandemic, noted the list of state-supported projects in the pipeline is long: a $200 million State Pier upgrade project, a $100 million National Coast Guard Museum, a $20 million state-funded pedestrian bridge. There are two school construction projects underway, a recently approved $30 million community recreation complex, ongoing upgrades to the waterfront by Cross Sound Ferry and a $25 million industrial marine complex being pitched by Mohawk Northeast. Courtney and others said offshore wind is likely to be a big factor in the local economy in the future, especially considering President Joe Biden’s administration is aggressively accelerating the permitting process for offshore wind turbines.

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