Infrastructure gap reaches $5.6 trillion: Trade group

America’s infrastructure gap has reached to $5.6 trillion, according to the trade group American Society of Civil Engineers. The group said that the gap is a problem that, unaddressed, could lead to the loss of 3 million jobs over two decades. The group in its annual report card outlined how much infrastructure investment is falling behind. Of the $13 trillion in investment the country needs, only $7.3 trillion is expected, leaving a $5.6 trillion gap. Rundown infrastructure, the report says, costs the average household $3,300 a year in everything from hitting potholes to power outages and lost productivity due to traffic. President-elect Joe Biden is expected to roll out a legislative outline for both COVID-19 relief and a major infrastructure package on Thursday. The need for infrastructure investment has long been an area of bipartisan agreement, though the parties differ considerably when it comes to questions of scale, funding and ownership.

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