Gov. Ned Lamont wants to put $103 million in federal funds into workforce training. Here’s how that would work.

Gov. Ned Lamont wants to invest $103 million the state is receiving from the American Rescue Plan Act to retrain workers who have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19. The demand for retraining of workers isn’t being driven solely by the rapid advancement of technology across all business, according to Jeff Flaks, president and chief executive officer of Hartford Healthcare. Dave Roche, president of the Connecticut Building Trades Council, said he expects to see much of the state’s employment growth in the future to come from work in the wind power and solar energy sectors, as well as from the development of data centers around the state. To meet the demand for skilled manufacturing employees, the WorkPlace in Bridgeport is launching an adult training program. The organization provides workforce development services for both employers and individuals.

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