From ‘black eye’ to ‘economic boost,’ Danbury’s Summit shows promise with Nuvance move

Nuvance Health’s move to the burgeoning Summit building is a sign the west side development could flourish and drive growth throughout the city, despite the struggling economy. “It’s really great for the city because it takes this black eye that’s been sitting here for so long,” he said. “To be able to bring it back to life, it’s great for everybody.” Nuvance will bring office space occupancy up to 80 percent, with an option in the 12-year lease for the health system to expand up to 300,000 square feet, Summit Development said. Construction on the apartments is expected to begin around February and last until the end of 2021, Basile said. The city approved 404 apartments, but would only construct 200 if the proposed Danbury Career Academy is built, he said. Residents could potentially live and work in the building, send their children to the proposed school, and use the amenities.

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