First phase of Avon Village Center, town’s biggest development in 25 years, likely to be completed this year

Avon’s tax base grew by more than 1% last year, and town officials are looking for the Avon Village Center mixed-use project along Route 44 to fuel further growth in the years ahead The Avon Village Center’s first phase alone has propelled it to become one of the town’s biggest taxpayers in the course of just a few years. The 45,000-square-foot Whole Foods is likely to open in late spring, and two buildings on the other side of Climax Road — one about 16,000 square feet, the other 12,000 — are on schedule to be completed this year, according to Hiram Peck, Avon’s planning and community development director. The value of real estate in town rose by $13.7 million last year, and reached $2.6 billion. That includes 12 new homes, improvements to existing homes and construction at the Avon Village Center, according to Assessor Harry DerAsadourian. That was a 0.6% improvement over the previous year.

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