Electric Boat secures $9.47 billion Navy contract to build Columbia submarines

General Dynamics Electric Boat has secured a $9.47 billion U.S. Navy contract for two Columbia-class submarines, part of a program that Electric Boat President Kevin Graney called the Navy’s “top strategic priority.” The funding will support the “construction and test of the lead and second ships of the Columbia class, as well as associated design and engineering support,” the company said in a news release. Graney said EB has been preparing since it was named the prime contractor of the 12-sub Columbia-class program in 2016, and the company said in the release that the design phase is nearly 90% complete. Advanced construction began around 2017 at EB’s Quonset Point, R.I., facility, The Day reported. The first module is slated to be delivered to Groton from Quonset Point around the 2023 timeframe, he said.


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