Dominion officials discuss future of Millstone Nuclear Power Station

Gov. Ned Lamont stepped in to help secure the deal — called a power purchase agreement, or PPA — between Dominion, Eversource and United Illuminating. The contract calls on the utilities to buy half the plant’s output over the next decade. Dominion had threatened to shutter the 2,100-megawatt Millstone unless the state let it compete against higher-priced solar, wind and hydropower. Because of Millstone, Dominion is Waterford’s largest taxpayer. It’s possible that Millstone could continue operating for 100 years. Last week, the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission convened to discuss the possibility of expanding license renewal for nuclear reactors to 11 years, potentially opening the door for Millstone’s reactors to remain licensed until 2075 and 2085, respectively. Dominion spokesperson Ken Holt said since the company purchased Millstone in 2001, it has taken on the cost of storing spent fuel, whereas previous owner Northeast Utilities charged ratepayers.

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