Data center tax-break vote delayed despite governor’s endorsement

House Bill 6514 would waive state sales taxes for 20 years on any company that invests at least $200 million on a data center in the state, or invests $50 million if the data center is located in a designated enterprise zone. The bill was approved 133-13 on Wednesday. “We need to approach emerging technologies like these data centers with the utmost focus, as they represent changing trends and stronger economic results,” State Sen. Steve Cassano (D-Manchester) in support for the bill. “A warmer reception to these locations in our state could lead to many strong years of business growth and resulting economic strength.” A data center, defined as a facility built to house a group of networked computer servers, would also be exempt from any financial transactions tax or fee that may be imposed by the state through trades of stocks, bonds, or any other financial products for 30 years from the date a new facility is completed.

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