CT legislature poised to make early budget pledge to help cities and towns

The House of Representatives is expected to approve an omnibus bill Wednesday that commits more than $100 million in new aid to municipalities, shields thousands of residents with out-of-state employers from double taxation, and ends the controversial practice of placing liens on the homes of former welfare recipients. Legislative leaders also were considering a proposal from Gov. Ned Lamont’s administration to offer sales tax incentives to promote development of data centers, but it was unclear late Tuesday whether that bill would proceed Wednesday. Legislators still were negotiating final details of the House bill late Tuesday, but Scanlon said the PILOT program would involve close to $110 million per year in new funds for municipalities. A third component of Wednesday’s House bill would end Connecticut’s longstanding practice of placing liens on the homes of recipients of cash assistance offered through welfare. Critics say this process pre-dates the welfare reforms Connecticut and many other states enacted in the 1990s, when new rules were established to limit fraud and to require recipients with addiction problems to seek assistance.


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