CT Green Bank spinoff’s new partnership opens door to solar projects nationwide

Inclusive Prosperity Capital (IPC), a nonprofit spinoff from the Connecticut Green Bank, is entering into partnerships with San Diego’s Greenprint Capital and the Green Bank that will enable IPC to acquire, build and operate solar projects across the country. IPC now has a tax equity partnership with Greenpoint, which works with municipalities to fund environmental projects and a debt facility agreement with the Connecticut Green Bank. IPC split off from the quasi-public Green Bank after state legislators in 2017 raided $165 million from the Green Bank’s coffers. That money had been earmarked for clean energy programs. The announced partnerships come as IPC ‒ along with the Green Bank, with which IPC shares office space ‒ prepares to move from its current Rocky Hill office to a 10,000-square-foot space at 75 Charter Oak Ave. in Hartford.


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