CRDA begins to visualize overhaul of XL Center’s lower bowl

The Capital Region Development Authority this month received renderings from SCI Architects depicting what some of the key elements of the interior renovations — which will focus on premium offerings in or around the XL Center’s lower bowl — could look like. The renderings of the fan-facing amenities are only preliminary designs, and there’s no guarantee they will become a reality, as much hinges on the state Bond Commission releasing approximately $60 million previously authorized by state lawmakers for the $100 million project. CRDA has about $23 million remaining of a previously issued $40 million, according to Executive Director Michael Freimuth. Freimuth said Tuesday that upgrades to the building’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are expected to begin in early 2021. Exactly how much of the lower-bowl fan amenities can be completed without the remaining $60 million in bond funds is uncertain, but it’s essential to complete the back-end systems work first, Freimuth said.

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