City’s School Building Committee gains approval to have authority to enter into contracts

In a 9-6 vote, the council approved Wednesday to allow the SBC to hold meetings that are earlier than 6 p.m., an exemption that is also given to the commissions on aging, persons with disabilities, youth services and board of assessment appeals. The SBC is a non-paid seven-member organization appointed by the city, according to the city’s ordinance. It is responsible for developing preliminary plans and cost estimates for each school construction project and reports are made to the Board of Education, the Common Council and the Mayor’s Office. She said the new resolution does not change that process. After the BOE does its work and moves forward with the Common Council, the responsibilities of the day-to-day management of the project goes to the SBC, who hires the construction team based on the feasibility study that is approved by the BOE. Alderman Chris Anderson, who voted against the resolution, said while the amendments were good changes, they were not enough for him to support it. He believed the resolution consolidated power, reduced transparency and eliminated checks and balances.

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