Charter Oak Bridge Project Set to Bring Congestion Relief for Connecticut’s Capitol Region

The delivery of the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s (CTDOT) I-91 Charter Oak Bridge (COB) Project, a large-scale initiative that combines two projects to reduce congestion and improve safety in the city of Hartford, and towns of East Hartford, and Wethersfield, is less than two years away. The contract, administered by CTDOT, District 1 and the Federal Highway Administration, was awarded to O&G Industries/Barletta Heavy Division, Joint Venture (OGBHD), at a cost of approximately $213 million. The project, which began April 1, 2019, involves multiple stages and an aggressive schedule with incentives for the contractor to not only finish on time, but ahead of schedule wherever possible. The interchange is within a heavily traveled urban corridor and one of the biggest challenges was to provide a design that could be constructed while maintaining traffic throughout the project site. Detours and lane closures are planned to avoid pattern overlaps and traffic volumes are monitored on a regular basis using Smart Work Zones (SWZ), which are applications of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) utilized to help improve safety and mobility.

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