Biden DOL Targeting Government Contractors for Wage Enforcement

As the administration readies those big-ticket legislative proposals, which would increase government investment in projects developed by private companies, the department has begun preparations to expand its investigative capacity under two statutes that require government contractors to pay workers prevailing wages and benefits, as determined by the DOL. The building trades and service unions have long called for the department to crack down on what they have described as government contractors’ persistent noncompliance with the two laws: the Davis-Bacon Act, which covers public construction projects, and the McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act, which applies to government spending on services, such as janitorial work and food preparation. Enforcement of the prevailing wage laws “remains a priority for the Wage and Hour Division, and one in which we are currently reviewing potential enhancements,” DOL spokesman Grant Vaught said in a prepared statement. “Our work in this area levels the playing field for all contractors and protects the hard-earned wages of American workers.”

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