Avoid I-95 gridlock for Stamford bridge replacement, officials warn

Officials believe the short-term headache will be well worth the nuisance since the accelerated timeline of the project will create the least amount of strain on drivers. Using accelerated bridge construction technology, two separate spans of the prefabricated bridge will be rolled into place over two weekends. Using traditional methods, the construction project could have dragged on for two years, and still would have caused traffic delays due to lane closures. The 60-year-old Route 1 bridge, deemed structurally deficient, crosses over the highway between Courtland and Seaside avenues, and will be replaced over two weekends — May 31-June 2 and June 8-9 — forcing I-95 motorists onto on- and off-ramps, where the speed limit will drop to 20 miles per hour.


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