Yale’s new dorm will produce more energy than it needs

Yale University is on path to build a new, 49-unit residence hall at its Divinity School with a sustainable design that includes a green stormwater management system and a net-positive solar energy production. But the highlight of the building is that it was designed to meet the standards for a full certification of the “Living Building Challenge,” a design guide that aims at sustainability through connecting occupants to nature and being self-sufficient when it comes to resources. There will be new green infrastructure that allows substantial stormwater retention, reduces flow and improves the quality of the stormwater. Nicole Holme of Nitsch Engineering said replacing the parking lot with pedestrian pavement and roof will make it better for stormwater runoff. As the project will also renovate some of the existing features of the Divinity School’s building, Chmelar said it will create more residential components and become more accessible and more inviting for both locals and Yale students. The construction is expected to begin late this year and is expected to complete in summer 2024.


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