More federal money awarded to replace rail bridge over Connecticut River

The United States Department of Transportation announced Thursday that it has awarded $65.2 million for the replacement of the 115-year old train bridge between Old Saybrook and Old Lyme. An initial $65.2 million federal contribution was designated in fiscal year 2020 towards the estimated $432.4 million cost of the estimated 6-year-long project, which is slated to begin construction in 2024. An additional $20 million was also awarded to the state to replace 2 power substations along the New Haven Line. The bridge project will also allow trains to significantly increase their speed on the span. Speeds over the bridge are currently restricted to 45 miles per hour, but with the bridge replacement, speeds will increase to 70 mile per hour, while delays due to bridge openings and closings are projected to decrease. In a joint statement, the state’s Congressional delegation called the Northeast Corridor one of the busiest rail lines in North America, with more than 144,000 commuters using the New Haven Line and Shore Line East daily. It said the two projects are an important investment in Connecticut as they upgrade the power supply and remove a major chokepoint along the Shore Line East line by replacing the outmoded, deteriorating bridge.

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