New $90 million north end school gets approval, and sidewalks, in Cheshire

Plans for the north end school, which has not yet been officially named, got the go-ahead from local zoning officials this week, marking another step forward for the $90 million project. It will be built on 42 acres at the corner of Jarvis Street and Marion Road, replacing Chapman Elementary and Darcey School. Some PZC members had raised concerns over the lack of sidewalks included in the north end school’s original plans, saying their omission would endanger students forced to walk to the building on a busy street. In response, project officials added sidewalks connecting the school to the surrounding community, Gusenburg said. As part of the project’s approval, officials also agreed that the school district would bus those students who live nearby if sidewalks were not installed, the chair said. Meanwhile, the new, roughly $77 million Norton School, which will replace the existing school of the same name at 414 North Brooksvale Road, still needs to be approved by the Planning and Zoning and Inland Wetlands and Watercourses commissions. But Gusenburg said Wednesday he expected those approvals to come soon. The two school projects still are on track to begin construction in December, officials said. The bidding process for both will occur in the fall, according to Gusenburg.

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