Old Greenwich School renovation will cost $1.5M more because of town funding delays, committee told

The Old Greenwich School renovation project did not get construction funding last year, so the building committee is trying again — with a more expensive project estimated to cost $44.3 million to build. Originally, the OGS renovation project’s construction cost was estimated to be around $42.7 million, but the delay in approvals has resulted in a nearly $1.5 million increase in the project’s construction because materials now cost more. The new recommended estimate is around $44.3 million, which does not include the $2.086 million in architectural and engineering funding the Board of Estimate and Taxation has approved in past years for the project. If the project gets approved by the BET and RTM, construction is scheduled to begin the summer of 2025. If the project does not get approval from the BET and RTM, Waters said “the project will be delayed another year.”


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