Dozens of Willington residents slam proposal for ‘gargantuan Godzilla’ warehouse off I-84

As about 350 people listened online and in person, a long procession of Willington residents on Tuesday night told town officials that the proposed TradeCenter 84 project is far too big and completely unwelcome. None of the roughly 30 speakers supported Hillwood Development Co.’s proposal to build a 1.5-million-square-foot warehouse just off Exit 70 of I-84. One after another, residents told the commission that a six-story mega-warehouse doesn’t belong in a sleep suburb of fewer than 6,000 people. One called it “a gargantuan Godzilla.” Texas-based Hillwood is eyeing 160 acres of woodlands just behind River Road for a massive warehouse with more than 220 loading bays along with parking spaces for 700 tractor trailers and 500 workers. The company said it would bring hundreds of jobs and a net gain of about $2.7 million a year in tax revenue for the town. Additionally, the operation would spur more economic development in that section of town, according to Hillwood’s representatives.

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