Worst road in Milford? Residents name work at Route 162, Old Gate Lane longest-running ‘nightmare’

The Connecticut Department of Transportation has been installing a new bridge and wider culvert just slightly east of the Old Gate Lane intersection as part of a $3.93 million project. One of Milford’s busier roads, New Haven Avenue gets funneled from two lanes to one with the construction and backs up regularly, but especially at rush hour. For the people who have to be there, the project is a nuisance and source of tension. DOT hopes to finish the work this summer, said Samaia Hernandez, a spokesperson for the agency. Originally budgeted at $3.65 million, work began in fall 2021. It hasn’t been an easy job, said City Public Works Department Director Christopher Saley. Construction workers must create bulkheads and trenches to keep the water out of their digging and deploy pumps. The road probably gets more than 12,000 vehicles worth of traffic a day, which doesn’t help, Saley said.


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