Torrington school project needs $20 million more

So, next month, the city will hold a referendum asking voters to approve adding $20 million to the project. When the school building project was approved in 2020, residents voted in favor of spending $159.6 million, with the expectation that, with about $85 million in state reimbursement, the city’s share would be lowered to $74.6 million. With the higher reimbursement, the city’s share was reduced to $28 million. Committee Co-Chairmen Mario Longobucco and Ed Arum said the district’s enrollment has increased significantly. That, coupled with escalating construction and materials costs, have resulted in the project running over budget. Arum said the increased enrollment is something that could stall the whole plan, unless the city acted quickly and added the $20 million to the budget, then held a referendum for taxpayers to approve it — hopefully.

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