Montville chooses contractor for solar landfill project

The Town Council unanimously chose Hartford-based developer Verogy last Thursday as the contractor for a 1.7-acre solar energy project at the transfer station. Adam Teff, a spokesman for TitanGen, presented to the council on Thursday three bidders for the construction of the solar arrays on the capped landfill. A capped landfill has a protective barrier between the waste in the landfill and the surrounding area. He said the site work to prepare the location for the 1,424 solar panels comes at no extra cost to the town and would be paid by Verogy. Teff recommended the council choose Verogy for “having the most comprehensive and competitive proposal.” With Verogy, the project would produce 960,991 kilowatts annually and the town would be compensated $0.18 per killowatt-hour in solar credits. The town would save $45,647 annually in electric bills over 20 years. If everything goes according to schedule, Teff said construction of the project could begin during the summer of 2022 and be completed within a year.

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