Torrington receives $1.6 million grant to rebuild sewer pumping station: To ‘protect environment’

The sewer plant’s hardest-working pumping station on Harris Drive, which was built in 1979, draws from seven smaller stations in the northern area of Torrington, feeding to the main plant off South Main Street. “We’ve had up to 18 inches of water outside, and more than that in here,” sewer plant administrator Ed Tousey said. “We’ve done everything to contain it; sandbags, berms … and it’s never stopped pumping.” “The $1.6 million is a congressionally directed grant, meaning that we were given the chance to apply for it through the federal government,” Drew said. “It’s going to help with our infrastructure. This station is our largest, it serves seven smaller ones, and it’s one of 14 stations around the city.” “The project is still in the design phase, but we expect construction to start within a year,” Tousey said. The rest of the funding for the project, estimated to cost $3.2 million, will come from the sewer plant’s budget.

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