Gov. Lamont vetoes first bill of year, rejecting proposal doubling cap on bidding

Gov. Ned Lamont vetoed his first bill from this year’s legislative session on Wednesday, sending back to lawmakers a proposal that would have doubled the cap on municipal contracts exempt from competitive bidding practices. The legislation, Senate Bill 226, proposed raising the minimum threshold for competitive bidding on all municipal contracts from $25,000 to $50,000 as part of what supporters described as an effort to increase efficiency and keep up with inflation. While the bill passed both chambers without much opposition earlier this month, Lamont said that the suggested increase went well beyond inflation — which he argued would put the threshold at around $35,000 — and risked eroding safeguards put in place to ensure transparency in the awarding of public contracts. Despite the strong, bipartisan majorities that voted in favor of the bill during the session, both the leaders of the House and Senate said Wednesday that they had no plans to attempt to override the veto with a two-thirds vote of each chamber.

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