Torrington begins site work on new animal control facility

Site work has begun on the city’s new animal control facility, which will dwarf the present building at the front of the property on Bogue Road. On Wednesday, a small crew of workers were digging ditches, clearing soil and measuring areas of the site. Any vegetation on the property is gone, and the site, while hilly, is completely cleared, with a small gravel driveway area for vehicles to come in and out of the site. The $2.7 million project for the new center was approved by the City Council in February. Brunoli Construction was hired to build the center. Today, the cost of the project, because of increased prices for concrete and steel, is nearly $3 million, according to Drew and Carbone. When the facility committee put the project out for bid again in May 2021, the lowest bid they received was $2.707 million. If Torrington doesn’t receive the community project grant, she said, it can use American Rescue Plan Act funding.

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